Breaking the Cycle of Harm

Even when we vow to do things differently, we usually get caught in one of two realities: 1) we fall into similar behavior patterns as our parent(s), or 2) we fall into an opposite pattern that still leaves us cut off from our teen(s).

Is “Sorry” Enough?

“I’m sorry” is adequate for some situations. “I’m sorry” can be a simple way to acknowledge that something you said or did had a negative impact on someone else. The problem with a two-word apology is that it’s vague. It can mean many things. Your partner may have no clue what or if you are feeling sorrow for. Some situations call for deeper apology or repair.

Calling Yourself Out!

One of the first things that will help improve the effectiveness of EFT therapy is to focus on catching yourself in your cycle with your partner. It is much easier to catch your partner in the cycle and call them out. However, most of the time calling out our partner just ends up pulling the two of you further into the old cycle.