Create Strong Couple & Family Relationships!

Couple in Therapy Office

Couple Therapy

We Help Couples:

• Break Free From Conflict
• Overcome Loneliness
• Find Acceptance &

• Repair from Affair/Betrayal
• Reconnect From Distance & Estrangement
• Pass on a Legacy of Secure
Connection to Your Kids

Family in Therapy Office

Family Therapy

We believe the best place for a child of any age to heal and grow is in a secure relationship with one or more parents. In our complex lives many things can block parents from being fully available to support a child’s needs. 

We help families create relationships that heal. Using attachment-based experiential therapies we help parents identify blocks to their kids experiencing their caregiving intent and help kids of all ages identify their attachment needs and reach to their parents in new ways to get their needs met.

We help families with:
• Young Children
• Tweens & Teens
• Adult Children

We help families struggling with:
• Parent/child conflict
• Kids with anxiety / depression
• Family estrangement/cut-off

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT provides a roadmap for therapy, helping couples rediscover closeness and passion, parents increase their responsiveness, and kids to discover a safe harbor to launch from. This roadmap is based the science of child and adult attachment. Couples therapy is proven to be effective for most couples (70-90%) in long-term, follow-up studies. Family and Individual EFT are showing similar promise.

Ready to start your journey to creating relationships that last?

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